Unlock iPhone 4S Baseband 3.0.04 On iOS 6 With X-SIM

X-SIM has beaten all its competitors including Gevey as it’s the first solution capable of unlocking iPhone 4S on baseband 3.0.04 and all previous modem firmwares on this phone.  This is a sigh of relief for people who accidentally updated their phones to iOS 6.

iPhone 4S users have been lucky to get SIM interposer unlock solutions like Gevey Ultra and R-SIM for every baseband since the launch of the device and story is not different this time too. They’ve now got X-SIM which has almost same features which previous hardware based solutions possessed.

Here’s the feature list of this product.

  • All iPhone 4S basebands are supported (1.0.11, 1.0.13, 1.0.14, 2.0.12 and 3.0.04)
  • Easy to use, plug-n-play, no dialing of 112, no jailbreaking, no additional software required
  • No need to cut SIM
  • It’ll not void your device Warranty
  • It uses high-performance chip for fast performance
  • It supports 3G, Edge and MMS

This is a moment of joy for 4S users but you’ve to feel for iPhone 4 owners who’ve been waiting for such unlock solution from long time but they can’t do much except using factory unlock services.

You can visit official X-SIM site at this link. You can find video tutorial and SIM installation manual at their site. We couldn’t find the price of product there but you can get it by contacting their reseller in your country. Reseller list is available on the website. Make sure that you use the list present there because we heard that some fake versions are also coming to the market.

If you’ve any questions , you can post it at X-SIM forum on GSM-Hosting. See the forum discussion here. After buying this product, make sure not to update to Apple’s new iOS firmware without knowing the consequences.

You can check screenshot of unlocked iPhone 4S below.