iPad 4 Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Keyboard Case

If you just bought the new iPad 4 or 4th gen iPad then you might be looking for some top rated wireless Bluetooth keyboard cases and covers. This addition will make your Apple tablet with retina display more stylish, secure and productive.

We strongly recommend our readers to buy these iPad 4 cases with keyboards instead of simple covers because this is the best way to get productivity and protectiveness in a single product. These come in very handy if you’re a student, professional, peripatetic or a person who uses iPad a lot.

Here is the list of best Bluetooth keyboard cases and covers for 4th gen iPad with retina display. These picks will also fit and work perfectly with 3rd generation Apple tablet.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Removable Keyboard Case For iPad 4

Why it’s the best? Kensington is a renowned company which manufactures products and accessories with mastery and attention to details. This keyboard case also exhibits these qualities.

KeyFolio Pro 2 offers compact and attractive design which doesn’t add much bulk to your iDevice. The polyurethane fabric cover has leather like look and feel and your iPad with keyboard seems very secure in it when closed.

You can easily operate it wirelessly via Bluetooth. The keyboard uses strong magnets to attach itself with the case but it can be detached easily when required. Secured Velcro fastener makes sure that your tablet hold itself firmly in a single position.

The tactile keyboard is optimized perfectly for typists. It has well-spaced, individual keys like a Macbook, therefore, it will suit people with large fingers as well as small fingers. You can easily change the viewing angle from 20 to 70 degrees whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode. All cutouts for iPad 4 controls, ports and functions are present. There are many convenient buttons for functions like brightness, home-screen, play/pause, forward/rewind music and volume up/down. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have magnetic Sleep / Awake function.

It has remarkable battery life of 100 hours and it comes with 2 years warranty. This warranty period shows trust of Kensington in its accessories.

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iPad 4 Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Keyboard Case

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case For iPad 4 With Retina Display

This is arguably one of the best designed keyboard cases in the market. Water resistant padded exterior shell is strong enough to protect your precious 4th gen iPad from scratches, dings and accidental falls.

You can enjoy multiple viewing angles in either portrait or landscape mode with Targus Versavu because of 360 degree rotating stand. The Bluetooth keyboard is quite decent with well-spaced keys and it uses tactile feedback for better accuracy and typing speed. After using it for few days, you’ll feel that typing experience is speedy and comfortable. Like Kensington KeyFolio, it also lacks magnetic Sleep / Awake function. The good thing about this cover is that the keyboard can be charged without removing the case.

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iPad 4 Targus Versavu Keyboard Case

ZAGG ZAGGfolio Keyboard Case For 4th-Gen iPad

Many people know ZAGG’s reputation for quality products and this product too doesn’t heart this reputation. The exterior of the case is manufacture with ABS hard-shell material and stylish polyurethane. Interior uses microfiber lining for protection against scratches.

Removable Bluetooth Keyboard delivers wireless operation. It’s quite easy to use and offers excellent typing experience. Soon, you’ll forget your notebook and your iPad 4 with ZAGGfolio keyboard case will become your second notebook. It comes with many shortcuts keys like volume control, music control, home, search, and copy and paste.

ZAGG ZAGGfolio comes with magnetic sleep and awake functionality but you should be aware that iPad 3 and 4 uses certain polarity, therefore, in some cases this function might not work. 2nd generation Apple tablet doesn’t have this specific polarity.

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ZAGG ZAGGfolio iPad 4 Keyboard Case

Luvvitt Ultrathin iPad 4 Keyboard Case Cover

This aircraft grade aluminium iPad 4 keyboard case is definitely worth your money. This product from Luvvitt is amazingly thin and lightweight. It’s manufactured in such a way that you’ll feel that this cover is part of the iPad.

The magnetic clip with the keyboard attaches itself flawlessly with the Apple tablet. The keyboard keys are solid and let you type freely with both hands. You can use it in either landscape or portrait orientations. The folding stand on the back makes sure that your tablet doesn’t fall on uneven surface. The magnetic sleep and awake feature works perfectly on closing and opening the iPad. Shortcut keys like music control, volume control, slideshow, home and search are also available.

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Luvvitt iPad 4 Keyboard Case Cover

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case For iPad 4

If you don’t have enough money in the pocket then this stylish pebble-grain leather exterior keyboard cover is the best choice for you. The design gives a professional look with soft leather covering.

The Bluetooth keyboard works flawlessly and speedy typing isn’t a problem. The stand on the back is very stylish and does well to save your iPad 4 from falling back.

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crazyondigital Ionic iPad 4 Leather Keyboard Case