Best iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 External Hard Drive Storage

Both iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 has everything we love but it lacks in one very important area. Both tablets shortcoming is the inability to increase storage capacity. If you want to do it then you can only do it with external hard drive storage option.

Both devices are beast when it comes to performance but iPad Pro is more robust and powerful and it can match with any of the latest high-end tablets from different manufacturers. If you want to do regular web-browsing, play low-end video games and read books then iPad Mini 4 should be enough but if you want to do some professional work that require too much processing power like video editing, watching Full HD movies or photoshopping then iPad Pro is the way to go.

Both these devices are great in their own right but not without some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantage with iPads is the non-availability of micro-SD card slot which means that you can’t improve storage capacity of your Apple tablet directly. Fortunately, you can overcome this hurdle by using external hard drive storage which uses built-in WiFi to transfer Files to iPad. In this way, you can store and use your favorite media wherever and whenever you want.
Here, we are going to review some of the best iPad Pro and Mini 4 external storage options.

Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive

Seagate Wireless Plus is a must have for people who like to watch Movies and TV shows. It can also serve other purposes like listening to music or viewing your photos and documents. After buying it all you need to do is charge it, copy files from your computer, unplug it, press on button for WiFi to start, download Seagate Media app on your iPad Pro or Mini 4 and connect your device to Seagate Wireless Network. Run the app and play files present on external storage.

It has the capability to stream 3 HD movies at the same time on 3 different devices. This product delivers battery life of up to 10 hours so you can take it with you even when you are traveling. You can also connect it to DLNA device, Samsung Smart TV or Airplay. It is available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB options.

Another great thing about Seagate Wireless Plus is its ability to integrate seamlessly with not only iPad but also iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows tablets, Android Smartphones and tablets via Media app which you can download from respective app stores.

With this product, i can now not only play videos on my tab with ease, but with 1TB storage capacity i can store entire vacation worth of my favorite movies with plenty of choices to choose from.

In my opinion, Wireless plus should have included car charger in the package because many people in its target audience are going to use it while traveling. It does have power connector with separate power adapter to charge from wall socket. You can also charge its internal battery by connecting to the Computer.

Seagate Media app is quite good but i think that user interface needs some improvement and you can also face some stutter while playing Full HD videos. I recommend using some good video player to get better experience. My advice will be to use nPlayer from iOS app store instead.

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SanDisk iXpand Mobile Flash Drive for iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4

SanDisk iXpand is one of the few flash drives in the market which uses lightning connector to move files between your iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC. It can help to free up space on your tablet by copying files from the device. The iXpand app which you can download from app store can auto-sync your photos and videos to the flash storage whenever you connect it. You can play movies and music directly from the drive. Many popular video formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV and MOV are supported by it.

One of its side has lightning connector to connect your iPhone or Apple tablet whereas other side comes with USB connector to connect to PC or Mac. The use of lightning connector provides you faster speed than wireless and it is more reliable but you can’t charge your iPad Pro or iPad Mini because lightning port would be in use. SanDisk iXpand is quite small in size so its a great mix of portability and expandability.

Lack of USB 3.0 support in this product is a bit disappointing. It supports USB 2.0 and if you test its writing speed you will get writing speed around 12MB/s. It is about half of what typical USB 2.0 drives in the market offer. If you do some calculations, you will conclude that filling 128GB of SanDisk iXpand storage will take roughly 2 hours.

I like this product as a whole but files you are going to store in it must be under 4 GB in size which can be a headache for some people. If you are someone, who likes to rip movies and use video converters to make them small then this should not be a big issue. This should not be a problem for those who would like to buy it for music, documents and pictures.

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SanDisk iXpand Mobile-Flash-Drive-for-iPad-Pro-and-iPad-Mini 4

BUFFALO MiniStation Air USB 3.0 Wireless Portable Hard Drive

Buffalo Ministation Air comes with many useful features. With 1TB storage you can carry your media library with you and wirelessly stream photos, music and movies without any need of data plan or WiFi connection. It not only works with iPad Mini 4 and Pro but also with Android phones, tablets and DLNA connected devices such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles. It can connect with 8 devices at the same time. Its built-in WiFi network is password protected and it is written on the bottom of the hard drive which is good for security purpose.

It uses USB 3.0 for fast connectivity with PC and Mac. Its write speed of 69MB/s and read speed of 105MB/s is excellent and you will be able to transfer 1.4GB file in just 20 seconds.

In order to use it, you will need to install Buffalo Ministation app from Appstore. Browsing files in the app is quick and easy as your files are separated in different folders like picture viewer, music player, video player and file explorer. You can also carry your documents in it and edit them depending on the apps present in your iPad.

It has battery life of up to 12 hours. It can also act as a portable battery charger for your smartphone. You can also use Ministation to connect to the Internet and then create WiFi hotspot for up to 8 devices.

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SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive

SanDisk Connect let you share media files on your iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle by using free app from Appstore or web browser. Just copy your content from PC or Mac and run it on your iPad Pro or iPad Mini 4. It can wirelessly stream HD movies on up to 5 devices simultaneously with 8 hours battery time. You can watch movies, listen to music or view photos without any need of Internet connection.

SanDisk Connect app comes with different categories to sort your files just like Buffalo MiniStation but interface of this app is better when you compare it to MiniStation. When you are viewing photos you can also share them via Email or social media. Background music playing is also supported which means that you will be able to relax or run some other app while listening to music.

If your Apple device is authenticated with iTunes account which originally purchased the content then SanDisk Connect will be able to run those protected iTunes files. Its pocket size stylish design is easy to carry around while you are on the go. There is also optional WiFi password protection to protect your personal data. It offers inexpensive way to store large amount of media, therefore, you should not miss the chance to buy it.

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